Greece in Eindhoven

Καλώς ήρθατε! A warm welcome! De Gulle Griek (The Generous Greek) brings a piece of Greece to Eindhoven.

Kalimera, my name is Anne. As of February 1st, I will be the new Gulle Griek. I worked in the catering industry for 15 years. Then I started my own business, giving wine/food tastings for 3 years. Now I have finally found my niche in which I can put my experience of all these years.

My parents own a house in Greece on the Peloponnese. That is where my love for the delicious Greek cuisine was born. I’ve been working with Sancha for over a year now and therefore know all the secret recipes of de Gulle Griek!

I am proud to take over De Gulle Griek as it is today. Of course, I’ll put my own spin on it but it will always be the familiar Gulle Griek.
By preparing Greek meals for you every day, I want to share my love for the Greek cuisine with you. The meals can be taken away and enjoyed at home. But of course you can also have a seat on the terrace or in the shop itself. You will feel like you are in Greece!

In my cosy, authentic Greek shop I sell olives, pastas, sausages, cheeses, ceramics, souvenirs, chocolate, crisps, olive oil, coffee, honey, dakos, preserves, spoon sweets, jams, bougatsa, pita’s, jewellery, sweets, caprice, wine, beer, and all the other goodies and delicacies Greece has to offer.